How to choose a domain name?

How to choose a domain name?

As a rule, every website owner has a question about the choice of a domain. It is essential to carefully approach this task because the domain name is not just an address on the Web. Even with one type on it, the user decides whether to go to the web page or not.

What you need to know about choosing a domain

Customers are starting from existing samples on websites that sell domain names, or come up with similar options. As a result, you can see just a massive number of similar addresses, in which even the experienced user can get confused.

The choice of a domain name will be much simpler if you decide on the purpose of the web page before that. For example, for a personal page and a blog, various variations of the name and surname (or a pseudonym) are suitable. But when buying a corporate domain, you should use a slightly different approach.

Domain for online stores

You should take into account some simple rules:

  • if the company specializes in a particular product or service, the address should include their name. Thanks to this, the user will already be able to understand what is subject your web page connected to;

  • for companies that distribute fashion products, you can specify the name of the brand in the domain name. This option is ideal for businesses with a wide range of products from one brand;

  • when choosing a domain, it is worth considering the alleged search key requests. For example, the domain name will positively serve to promote the website in search engines.

Tips for effective domain selection

It is vital that the name is easy to remember. It does not matter if there is such a word in reality, or it is just an ordinary set of letters. The main thing is that the name should be sonorous and not too long.

If the name you want to take for yourself is unavailable, it's worth checking for it in the remaining zones (.com, .ua, .org, and so on). There is a possibility that there it will be free.

In the case when this option is not suitable, but you are configured for this particular address, you can always buy the name. It happens that the address buyer holds this domain, so the question here is only the cost. If the owner actively uses his domain name, then he will have to convince him to make a sale.

As a rule, they acquire a domain for one year. If you are not sure whether you want to engage in such activities in the future (or there is a possibility that the business will not "burn out"), there is no point in paying for a more extended period. But in case your intentions are serious and aimed at a long-term entrepreneurial activity, it is worth buying a domain for several years. So you can ensure yourself that no one enterprising will buy this address in the future.

Search engines well perceive domains that paid for several years ahead. So the web page significantly increases its position (this is the most important criterion for the success of any online resource).

When choosing a domain, you should not make a name of 3 or more words. This address is confusing for both perception and memorization.

When choosing a particular domain, it is not always possible to adhere to all these rules. But, in any case, you need to match them to the maximum.

How the domain affects the SEO-promotion of a website

If you are planning to promote your project for specific queries, it is worthwhile to find a domain name that will immediately give you an influx of visitors. When you select an address that has recently become available after the previous owner, you will receive a website with a reasonably good citation index.

At the same time, a good choice of a domain will quickly recoup all costs.

Besides, you will have an address that already has a certain age. At this rate, search engines also pay attention when generating results for users.

But, despite all the temptation to buy a ready-made name, you should carefully analyze everything before buying. Perhaps the promotion of a new web page will be cheaper. Also, in the name of the new domain, you can specify search key requests, which will be another step to exit the TOP.

What we have in the end

So, knowing these simple rules will help you choose an active domain, which plays an essential role in the promotion of your website. Namely, this is the primary goal of all online entrepreneurs.

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