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Under the website, we mean a set of linked web pages. Also, the website refers to the location where the content of the server located. Typically, the Internet under the website means an array of related information, which has a unique address and is also perceived by the visitor as a whole. Websites are called to their names by accessibility features.

What should be the perfect website

The concept of an "ideal website" does not have a strict definition. After all, it is necessary to build on not the objective criteria, but the personal opinion of the owner or user. For some, a good website should be different in its compactness, while others prefer space. Someone wants to see saturated bright colors, while others are used to dark or pastel shades. However, there are still some specific criteria by which you can separate an excellent website from just good. If you want to create an ideal web page that will be not only beautiful, but also user-friendly, our staff will help you with this. Despite the fact that our work began not so long ago, we already have an extensive portfolio. A single look at him will be enough to understand: we occupy a firm first place in creating and promoting web projects in Ukraine.

The main criteria for a "better website."

It is necessary to understand what the ideal website is. At the same time, you should take into account everything: imperceptible at first glance, small details, and the fundamental components of each website.

So, when creating or developing an Internet project, you should pay attention to:

  • Content. The information on the page should be interesting. It's a fact. After all, who wants to read useless and boring articles. But also, it is essential that the content is entirely consistent with the general theme of the website. If the user wants to buy cosmetics, and instead he is intrusively offered legal services, will he revisit your portal? As a result, you need to competently approach the filling of the resource, use only reliable information, regularly update it;

  • Color spectrum. As already mentioned, the preferences here are different for everyone. At the same time, whatever shades the client likes, a harmonious combination of different colors is necessary. And this relates not only to the background but also to the font, the outlines, the color effects. Also, you should take into account the psychological reaction to specific colors (for example, a too bright design is annoying, too gray - it leads to discouragement). Even if the visitor does not want to order a particular product, your Internet resource should be remembered to him beautiful and original. So the user will revisit the portal or leave good feedback about the website;

  • Graphic arts. Figures should be not only impressive and high-quality (high resolution, no watermarks, etc.), but also executed in one style. It is important to remember that graphics content is not an independent element, but it complements the text, reinforces certain impressions;

  • Perfect usability (ease of use of the website). Customers who visited your website should be comfortable using the resource. Intuitive interface, clear links - the more carefully you approach this issue, the higher will be the influx of customers and buyers (because if the website is a bad interface, the user, even if he wants to buy something, just can not do it);

  • Relevance. Web design technologies are improving almost daily. Also if today a particular website is included in the top, it does not mean that tomorrow the situation will not change. That is why the appropriate reaction to all trends in the web industry is necessary. Our specialists correctly understand all this, so that will help your project stay on top.

Where to order a design for a website

For the period of our company's activity, RexPex pleased a lot of customers with bright, beautiful and original web products of high quality. And these are not unfounded statements. Our portfolio is an excellent "proof" of the professional competence of the company's specialists. At the same time, we work with any websites, regardless of their complexity and type. In the portfolio, you will see public, informative, entertaining, commercial, sports projects. Its originality and uniqueness distinguish each of them.

Our specialists will realize your ideas, create your website quickly and at an affordable price. If you urgently want to launch a website or create a new and profitable online store, you do not need to waste time on dreams and reflections. Contact us, and enjoy your business's new look.


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