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Our company creates and promote projects on the Web. We will develop, design and market your project. At the same time, everything will be following the latest trends and innovative solutions.

With what projects are we working?

Our specialists are ready to start developing:

  • websites;

  • online stores;

  • landing pages;

  • mobile applications.

What includes design services

The design of the website is the external design of the resource. Its purpose is to attract the attention of users, make the web page original, functional and memorable. Our specialists do:

  • Develop a logo;

  • will design the website.

Features of Internet Marketing

It is not enough to make a beautiful website with original and actual content. It is essential that users can see your resource at the top of all search engines. It is what we will do. Internet marketing includes:

  • website promotion (SEO);

  • Contextual advertising;

  • Usability audit.

The cost of creating a website

If you decide to start developing a web project, it's worth knowing that the prices for these services may be slightly different. First of all, everything will depend on your ultimate goals. The final cost depends on:

  • type of website;

  • design features;

  • the functionality of the resource

If you have already decided on the project (for example, you are interested in an online store with a few clicks, as well as the simultaneous development of corporate design), our managers can immediately name the cost of creating a website.

At the same time, most of the clients have not yet created a full picture of the future project in their heads, but only outlined the principal directions. In this case, our specialist will help you to determine the needs, and the price itself will be after the completion of the brief.

Also, there is another option: first of all, they are not based on the needs, but on the budget. Thus, the function is selected based on available financial resources. Here you can find the best option, which fits into the budget and will satisfy you with its functionality.

How to save money on the website

Most customers, first of all, are interested in the issue related to reducing the cost of creating and promoting the website. To begin with, we need to say about what you cannot save on. It includes layout and software. If you do something poorly, it will lead to such negative consequences as "crooked" display of the website in different browsers. So you reduce the cost of creating a project, but such savings will not outweigh the leak of customers to competitors.

Another essential component of the website is its content. In many respects it depends on the information presented on the website, the user's reaction depends. Correctly written texts, beautiful images, topical and actual videos - all this will help convince the visitor to make a purchase. Reducing the cost of creating a website and filling it with content often hides a substandard product that will not give the desired results.

But if you, nevertheless, want to reduce the cost of creating a web project, then there is:

  • simplify design, abandon complex elements;

  • prefer a cheaper website management system;

  • choose a domain and hosting cheaper;

  • deny the creation of some complicated and expensive sections.

In this case, the main thing is to create a convenient and logical website that will be correctly displayed in different browsers and on mobile devices. Thanks to this, the client can quickly perform the targeted action. You can achieve this result at an affordable price.

What to do next

So, you decided on the need to create a website, its design, and value. But here it is worthwhile to understand that this, often, is not enough. After all, for a successful Internet project, it is important that visitors are on the website. Without customers, there will be no sales, no other actions. As a result, it is essential to use the service of search engine optimization of the website. Thanks to carefully designed navigation, adequately spelled meta tags and headers, your content will be optimized for key search requests. It will significantly increase the position of the website in the search engines, and even bring it to the TOP, which will lead to an even higher influx of visitors.

Website promotion can occur in various ways. The choice of a specific tool depends on the project's subject and final objectives. Typically, for this use:

  • e-mail marketing;

  • contextual advertising;

  • SMM;

But, in any case, everything begins with the development and creation of the website. Contact our manager to discuss all the nuances of the future project, and fill out the brief, because the more information you provide, the less time will pass to the initial stage. We work with people in business from Kiev and other cities. Turning to us,  you will have a beautiful and functional website, with which you have reached the desired results.


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