Web and mobile applications design, as well as memorable logos and complex corporate style creation.

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Website design is a visual design of the website which includes fonts, color palette, as well as photo and graphics, developed in one exceptional style. All this is created to perform a pleasant impression among users.

A logo is a design of a trademark in the form of a graphic image, reflecting the brand's ideas, its value, and also its uniqueness.

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At the stage of creating a website design, we create the appearance, user interface, and functionality. This stage defined by constant communication with the customer for obtaining an excellent result.


An excellent design begins with a wireframe - this is the outline of its structure. Also, the user interface and the functionality of the ultimate website are being developed.

Preparing the layout
Preparing the layout

We build a layout in the Photoshop program to show how the site will look after creating the structure of the site in the wireframe.

Edits and wishes
Edits and wishes

After creating the layout, we get feedback from the customer to receive from him the wishes and edits.


After making wishes and edits, the customer confirms changes and the layout moves to the next stage. It is essential that improvements after this step will be paid.

HTML coding
HTML coding

Here there is communication with a specialist who will transform a beautiful picture into a working layout of the website.

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The ability to promote services and goods through the Internet significantly increases the number of clients. It allows to attract the attention of customers from the target audience, and should seriously approach the development of the site, pay a lot of attention to Internet marketing. But another critical component of success in the network is the design of the site.

Correct graphic design plays an essential role in the formation of a positive perception of the product, as people are accustomed perceiving information visually. Many websites use bright fonts, graphics and photo images that can attract the attention of potential customers and stand out among thousands of other sites. Our leading Ukrainian digital company RexPex offers services to create a unique design for websites and exclusive logos. More details about our work you can in this article or by ordering a callback from our managers.

Why is the design of website so critical in achieving success?

To ensure that your Internet resource has always been successful and brought a lot of profit, you should turn to the specialists for developing an individual website design for help. It's not just about choosing the right colors for the design, but also about how the fonts will look, in which color the background will be, where to use the letters or small letters for inscriptions, graphics data usage, it is also essential to choose the most suitable photos. At first glance, it may seem that it is easy to do. But many sites that are created by the owners, without the help of a specialist, look catchy, tasteless and ridiculous. Other sites created under the guidance of experienced designers by a seasoned but artfully chosen palette of colors, they look stylish and cause consumers' confidence.

Many of our clients are wondering why exclusive design is so essential to the success of the site. The most obvious reasons for this are:

  • Features of the design of the site - the first thing that affects its visitor, so that it is with his help that you can put the client to yourself, create a positive image;

  • Many users do not read the texts on the sites, they choose the necessary information, quickly scrolling their eyes across the page. That's why it's essential to make the page like visitors at first sight;

  • Using a successful design, you can significantly improve the conversion of the site, which merely is confirmed by statistical data;

  • Good design influences the subconscious of the client, which concludes that such a site design can only be a successful and self-aware company.

Before you start designing a resource, create your logo

Equally important is the company's unique logo. It should be attractive, reflect the essence of the company's activities, but not fanciful. With the help of an exclusive logo, you can significantly increase the recognition of the company. The logo will help to stand out among many other sites, companies offering similar services. The organic design of the site and logo will allow you to emphasize the image of your company.

You should pay particular attention to the fact that the design for the computer and tablet or phone will be slightly different. Our specialists always take this into account in their work.

To order a beautiful individual design of your website or the development of a unique logo, contact our manager by using the free callback service.

Choose the best to be the best.

Only a well-designed site with a modern design, your logo, and user-friendly interface can become successful regarding increasing your profits. To attract customers is not enough to choose bright colors and put on the site a lot of sparkling banners. Designers work comes much more complicated than it may seem at first glance. Only an experienced designer will help to choose the right style of the site, font colors, and background, find suitable images.

To ensure that your investment in the design of the site has quickly paid off, we recommend contacting professionals in the field of design services. For many years now our company RexPex confirms that it has not just earned its customers' trust. On the website, you can find positive feedback from our customers, see the portfolio with ready-made design solutions.


Be sure that by contacting us, you will be able to get a website that will increase the demand for your services and significantly increase profits. You can order designer services right now using the PC or by phone. Our consultants will answer any questions concerning the development of website design and logos.


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