Logo Creation

What is a logo?

A logo is a design of a trademark in the form of a graphic image, reflecting the brand's ideas, its value, and also its uniqueness.

Do you remember the logo of the manufacturer of your smartphone?

Every day a lot of companies start, the main distinguishing feature of which is primarily a logo, this is the first thing that consumers face. Therefore, this graphic image is more meaningful than it seems at first glance. Here are a few attributes that have well-designed logos:

increases brand awareness
legally protects the owner of a trademark from its use by competitors
highlights the company against the background of competitors
lets trust of potential customers
corresponds to the type of activity of the company and its target audience
causes emotional and subconscious associations in the target audience
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Do you want to start a new company? Do you open a store, a beauty salon or another business? Or maybe you want to make money on the Internet and dream of creating your website? In any case, the development of the logo is one of the most critical stages in launching a business.

Why do I need a logo?

It's not just a beautiful symbol or an inscription. It's one of the elements of identification. A company without a logo is a company without a face. It is what distinguishes a company or brand. Therefore, the development of the logo should be taken very seriously, because it will decorate banners with advertising, business cards, it has a special place on the site or the packaging of the goods.

What is a logo? It is a graphic representation of the company in the form of a unique symbol, illustration, inscription. With the help of the logo, customers will be able to distinguish your company from the background of competitors.

The primary goal of this sign is to attract and retain the attention of visitors as long as possible. A small graphical miniature will surely remind ordinary people about your products and services. And even if people have not done conversion actions concerning you, it is entirely possible that the logo will encourage the potential client to become a real fan of your company's activities.

What should be the brand name?

The role of graphic representation is priceless, so professionals should be engaged on such an important issue. The right logo will help attract new customers, increase user loyalty and increase their trust. Your logo will work 24 hours a day, and you must follow specific rules:

  • you can not borrow the style of competitors, as it can confuse, and especially not attentive customers will merely use the products of rivals;

  • a brand name should attract attention and be memorable;

  • it's important to keep balance because too mottled symbols containing many elements can act repulsively;

  • the logo should reflect the activities of the company

That are not all the principles that experts adhere to, developing a unique sign. Its color design plays a huge role. Too much variety of colors is relevant only if the specifics of the business requires it. For example, for companies engaged in the production or sale of paints, colored pencils, etc. If such step is not appropriate, then the florid logo will only irritate, which means that at the subconscious level, the client will have a negative impression. It is essential that the color solution is consistent with the company's activities. Also, do not forget the psychological significance of different shades.

The form of brand name can be very different. Logos are in the way of an inscription, an unusual symbol, a picture. In general, there are no restrictions. But to make it a little easier for the designer to tell him which type is preferable for you. It is also desirable to indicate the strengths of the company, and if possible put an emphasis on them.

There are several types of logos:

  • symbolic, it is an abstract image of a particular business;

  • graphic, featuring high-performance indicators, in this case, the design of the trademark includes a graphic picture that shows the activities of the company;

  • the simplest variant is a printed type consisting only of an inscription - the name of the company; its highlight is an adequately selected font.

Very often, customers want to see something grand, ultra-modern. However, as practice shows, such signs quickly become obsolete, boring and then the client wants to convert it. But you need to remember that the corporate symbol should remain unchanged otherwise the consumers just will not recognize you. So it's better to give preference to something more universal.

It is worth noting that the integrity of perception is fundamental, so it is desirable to adhere to a single corporate identity. It is necessary that the logo is harmoniously combining with the overall design of package or site. A good style indirectly confirms the reliability of the company, is the guarantor of decency and on the subconscious causes customers a sense of trust.


You can order multiple services from the creation of logos to brand book. Besides, we are engaged in the production of web projects of any complexity, and a team of qualified SEO experts will take care that your site receives top positions in all search engines.


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