Website Design

What is website design?

Website design is a visual design of the website which includes fonts, color palette, as well as photo and graphics, developed in one exceptional style. All this is created to perform a pleasant impression among users.

Is the uniqueness of the website design so valuable?

In our time, the Internet is full of websites with the same design, so in the face of increased competition, the question of individuality becomes more critical. The individual design of the website is not only a little different from competitors, but also a reflection of the corporate style of your business.

The corporate design includes:

color palette
unique photos and graphics
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Website design development is the most critical stage in its creation because this is a visual part that will be visible to the visitor. It depends on the first opinion of the client, the convenience of using the resource, whether it will be rememberable or not.

What is it?

Website development is a complicated and responsible process that requires a lot of efforts and time. But efforts will be in vain if you do not give proper attention to the graphics part. The designer's task is to make your site unique in appearance. We meet a lot of people, but in memory, there are only exceptional individuals with a zest. Also with the sites, no matter how useful information was not on them, without a unique design they turn into the usual gray mass. And if the user does not remember the Internet resource address, then it is complicated to find it the second time.

Website design - a set of fonts, colors, and various graphic elements. In fact, he sets the style of the Internet resource and helps the visitor from the first time understand what he expects on a particular page. The task of a specialist to develop such a design that it should attract attention, on the one hand, should be rememberable by the visitor, but on the other hand, it should not distract from searching for the necessary information. We visit sites with the purpose of learning something new, buying something, doing some conversion action, etc. Therefore, too many pop-up windows, too bright and catchy design, inappropriate animations can only interfere with the achievement of the goal and then the web resource will leave a negative impression.

Main questions

It is necessary to set all the tasks for the specialist to be able to translate the wishes of the customer into the picture. It would be nice to give several versions of sites, the design of which was pleasant. It will help the designer understand the client's tastes and determine which style will be most optimal.

The most important aspect of the design is visual design. It is a collection of raisins and unobtrusiveness, correctly selected fonts and colors that make the text readable. The visitor should be as comfortable as possible on the site, and small letters or inappropriate colors will cause eye strain. It is also critical that the graphic design corresponds to the topic of the resource.

Internet spaces are full of different templates, which can significantly simplify the creation of the site. Advertising is so screaming that making your web resource is easy. Even a man without skills and special education can cope with the task. But such a template site has a lot of limitations. Also, the majority of visitors at a subconscious level formed the view that if the website is unique, then your company is thriving and you can be trusted! The main advantages of the template are - speed and budget cost. It's great for testing different ideas. A specialist will very quickly create a website based on the web template, and it will be much cheaper than individual development.

In the task of the designer still enters and make the site user-friendly. The visitor should not look for the menu, the small buttons will make the work with the site tense, and the user will get a negative impression of it. It is also essential that the page is loaded quickly even on a dial-up connection.


Secrets of successful design

  • There are several more secrets that professional designers use.

  • It is essential that the structure of the site is in order. It will help the visitor quickly sort out the resource, find the necessary information or perform a conversion action;

  • Be sure to make accents. Suggesting the visitor on the first page all at once, for sure, put it before a difficult choice, and he/she leaves the resource without making a purchase and not using the service;

  • By placing useful information at the top, make it accessible. It's no wonder that marketers always post favorite products from above, and less essential products stay on the lower shelves.


Competent website design makes it unique, memorable, and business competitive. With its help, it will be possible to distinguish a company against the background of competitors successfully, give it some flavor and have a psychological impact on consumers. We are engaged in the development of various projects: corporate and business card websites, online stores, web portals, etc. Here you can order multiple services, starting with design development and finishing with the promotion of the resource. Your business will be recognizable, and it will prosper in cooperation with us.


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