Web projects, goods, and services promotion using SEO, SMM and PPC-advertising methods.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the website optimization for such search engine as Google Search. SEO allows you to take leading positions in the search results for the keywords.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) - promotion of personal or business pages in social networks, by publishing unique content in the form of media files and text components, as well as communication with the target audience and its increase.

PPC-advertising is a kind of internet advertisement in which paid ads appear on a page while getting search results in Google Search or paid posts on social media as well as on video hostings. Services mark such ads as "advertising" or "sponsored."

Usability audit is the process of finding problematic places on a website while the user interacts with your website.

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The company must consistently go through all the stages of marketing to successfully operate in the market, increase sales, profit and expand the business. In a simplified form, you can distinguish three phases of marketing: marketing research, strategic marketing, operational marketing. If this classification is shown a little more in detail, we will get the following stages of marketing:

Description, characteristics
Description, characteristics

Consumer quality and product properties analysis.

Market analysis
Market analysis

Conducts market analysis, determining whether it is stable, whether it will be in demand, pessimistic, optimistic and realistic forecasts of developments in connection with the release of goods on the market.


The third stage includes such sub-stages of marketing as a justified selection of the most crucial bases for market segmentation; the range of possible segments, the determination of criteria for the attractiveness of market segments for the company, the evaluation of market segments using selected standards of attractiveness.

Competitive analysis
Competitive analysis

The competitive market analysis allows you to identify opportunities and take into account the dangers associated with specific business activities.

Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy

A large-scale program to achieve the company's primary marketing goals. The development of a marketing strategy involves defining the target market segment, developing an adequate marketing mix, determining time periods for key activities and resolving financing issues.

Sales forecast
Sales forecast

The final stages of marketing in this classification are the analysis of results in control points, optimization of the project.

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Experienced businesspeople know that creating a website is only part of a serious effort to attract customers and increase profits. For your business to flourish and the number of orders to grow, you should ask professional marketers for help. Only with the help of experienced specialists, you can achieve the desired result.

Services of marketers of our digital company RexPex have become popular not only in Kiev, where our office is but also throughout the World. Businesspeople from different fields of business turn to us for help and always remain satisfied with the result. We offer marketing services separately or in combination with the creation of a website, design. We have a large staff who understand different areas of activity:

  • design;

  • website creation;

  • marketing

When ordering a marketing service, each client receives a guarantee that potential customers will know about his business. Without advancement, the site will exist, but this does not mean that it will help attract customers, increase sales and profits of your company. Cooperating with us, you get a forecast for strengthening the position of your site in TOPs and rising sales number.

What should be modern marketing and why do you need it?

Many people in business believe that if the site exists, it merely is obliged to make a profit. But such thoughts only give odds to your competitors. After all, many similar companies offer the same services or sell the same goods as you. How to stand out among them, make the product of your business accessible and competitive? It is essential to do this and understand which of the possible ways of marketing can attract not just visitors to the site, but customers who are ready to pay you. The most common ways to promote this are:

  • website promotion in social networks: creating groups, advertising links in social networks often helps increase the number of visits to the site, and therefore increase sales;

  • development with SEO: one of the easiest ways to find on the Internet the desired - to use the search engine;

  • usability audit: inconvenient layout, complicated process of registration of purchase or the intricate system of payment can decouple from a site, not one potential customer. The search for problem zones and their elimination will help to get rid of them, make the site intuitively understandable in use;

  • PPC-advertising: it has proved itself to be an excellent way to attract customers to the site when visiting other resources. It does not have aggressive appeals, but it accurately matches the requests that the potential client previously entered into the search engine.

We suggest using our services to bring your site to the tops and attract customers from the target audience. With our help, you can significantly increase your profits in the shortest time of cooperation.

How to get results without huge investments?

The good news is that you do not need to hire a team of marketers on an ongoing basis. You can get timely advice, referring to the specialists of our company. If necessary, you will choose the services that are most suitable for promoting your business. The current marketing strategy will be developed by our specialists in the shortest time at a bargain price.

  1. We will analyze users activity.

  2. We study the marketing plan currently in use.

  3. Determine its relevance and effectiveness, if necessary, make its correction or create a new one.

  4. We will help in drawing up marketing plans following your tasks.

Many companies and even freelancers create beautiful colorful websites, but they are thinking about how you will promote them on the Internet. After all, even the best site made according to all requirements will not be seen by customers, if it is on the tenth or twentieth page of the search engine. The client selects merely the services presented on the site from the TOP.

To ensure that your site can compete with others, you should allocate funds to implement the marketing plan. The website should be live, convenient to use and always be in front of potential customers. It is possible only using tools of modern Internet marketing.

We offer marketing services for your company in Kiev and throughout Ukraine


Thanks to the right marketing, you do not invest in website promotion, but you can increase profit by attracting a large number of target audience. Modern means of commercialization of our digital company RexPex allow us to find new customers quickly, and consequently, to increase the profit of customers. Contact us to start using our services right now.


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