What is PPC-advertising?

PPC-advertising is a kind of internet advertisement in which paid ads appear on a page while getting search results in Google Search or paid posts on social media as well as on video hostings. Services mark such ads as "advertising" or "sponsored."

How to quickly get to the top in results of the search engine?

One of the fastest ways to increase the number of targeted visitors to a website is to customize the PPC-advertising on Google AdWords.

Advantages of this type of advertising:

Show ads only to people who are already looking for your services.
Pay just for targeted ad impressions or website visits.
Adjustment flexibility, from geotargeting to budget limitations per day.
Very fast start, starting from one day.
Ability to analyze popular key queries.
Increase the precision of sales funnel decomposition.
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Today, the Internet is a powerful marketing tool, because on the expanses of the world wide web you can not only find the information but also carry out commercial operations, such as buying and selling, etc. Therefore, it is so important that the site gained popularity. PPC-advertising is one of the ways to promote a web resource.

A powerful tool for website promotion

There is no doubt that you should promote every web project. It's the only way it will become popular and will make a profit. There are several ways to represent your web resource to the whole world, and one of them is PPC-advertising. We are talking about a text ad, which shows to users on their requests. So, unlike most types of advertisements, this kind is unobtrusive and does not cause repulsive emotions.

With the help of keywords, users determine the relevancy of the advertising material to the site page.

PPC-advertising has the following objectives:

  • increased sales and demand for various services;

  • maximizing traffic;

  • informational character, to acquaint visitors with the brand, brand, etc .;

  • presentation of a new product;

  • carrying out an advertising campaign

The location and type of the ad depend directly on the objectives pursued.

Types of PPC-advertising

Similar ads can have different formats - text, banner and video ads. In the first and last case, the advertisement has the form of an ordinary text or a video with a hyperlink. Banner type of ad can be a picture with or without text. Banners can be static, dynamic (mini-cartoon, animated image) and interactive, where the user must perform some action with the picture - click, answer the question, solve the example.

Besides, depending on the location of advertisements, there are search and thematic ad. The ad must contain the search query entered by the user. Depending on the spent budget, these ads display in the defined areas. The most costly and effective is especial placement - no more than three ads appearing directly above the search results.  Guaranteed impressions are to the right of the search result. Their number does not exceed four ads. The advantage of this position is a more acceptable value. But under the guaranteed displays are already followed by dynamic. They periodically alternate between themselves. This arrangement is optimal for news portals, as it also shows an excellent result and is an efficient solution for generating traffic.

Advertising, which we see on the pages of sites or in mobile applications, refers to the thematic type. It is only a supplement to the resource, nevertheless and this way of placement shows excellent performance indicators.


Nowadays, the Internet plays an essential role in our lives. Every self-respecting company necessarily has its website, which presents it on the World Wide Web. However, in the conditions of severe competition, we have no right to neglect the promotion of our resource. Otherwise, nobody will know about it. And here's why it's worth giving preference to the contextual advertising we'll consider right now. This type of promotion has many advantages:

  • low cost in comparison with other types of advertising;

  • the ability to fine-tune the advertisement for a specific target audience, which significantly improves efficiency by reducing the time between viewing the ad and the conversion action;

  • the ability to adjust payment only for the result, for example, just for customer calls;

  • an unobtrusive ad is always appropriate, so it does not irritate potential customers, but on the contrary, prompts you to make a purchase, visit the site or use the service;

  • it becomes possible to keep costs at each stage of the advertising company and promptly make adjustments;

  • Ads appear almost immediately after payment.


We are engaged in the development of various projects - corporate and business card sites, Landing pages, online stores, and complex portals. Individual approach to each client allows you to understand what the client wants and create real masterpieces. Also, our specialists will gladly help to make the site competitive. We use various methods of projects promotion, and we will select the optimal strategy, which will not only be efficient but also suit the cost. Our specialists will be pleased to provide comprehensive information on all the issues of interest.


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