Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the website optimization for such search engine as Google Search. SEO allows you to take leading positions in the search results for the keywords.

Has your website ever been blocked by Google?

While promoting the web resource, our experts use only White Methods of promotion. It helps to avoid punishment in the form of a search engine filtering.

Here are some necessary steps to promote the website to the top of Google Search results:

Website Optimization
Before proceeding with the promotion of a web resource, it is necessary to conduct internal and external optimization for search engines.
Semantic core
Selecting keywords to promote your website and getting targeted visitors.
Unique texts
One of the most critical points for promotion is unique texts, which are understandable both to website visitors and to search engineers.
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Want to create your online resource? We will help you to develop a project of any complexity and make it work and become competitive. Our specialists not only take care of attractive design and functionality but also will optimize it for search engines so that it will take the leading position among trending web resources.

Why do you need website SEO?

Many believe that as soon as you see your web page on the internet,  the project will bring profit without investments and labor. Unfortunately, it is impossible.

We all know what search engines are and how they work. The top places of search results you can compare with the downtown. Many potential clients at the subconscious level believe that if the firm is somewhere in the middle, then it is successful and will certainly justify the trust. Similarly, with sites, if the Internet resource is in the top ten, then it is worthy of attention. Besides, as the statistics show, only 2% of visitors have the patience and reach 3-4 pages of the search results. In other words, if the site is not on the first page, the chances that potential customers will see it are minimized.

Also, some customers may have a choice - to contact you or your competitors. And then they start monitoring the Internet searching the information. Not finding one, a potential buyer is likely to contact the company, information about which is readily available on the World Wide Web.

Do not neglect the optimization of the resource, even if the site already occupies a leading position. First, if for some requests your page appears in the top five, you do not need to stop there. And secondly, rapid competition does not allow us to weaken positions. After all, losing the rating is very easy, and it is difficult to return it.

SEO optimization features

Search engine optimization (SEO) - is a whole complex of measures, thanks to which the position of the site in the results of the search requests significantly increase. SEO optimization is a powerful tool for attracting customers. However, professionals should be engaged in SEO promotion. After all, depending on how correctly the list of requests is selected, the potential customer or just the user will visit the web resource. In other words, with an incorrect selection of keys, page traffic may increase, and the number of buyers - no.

What exactly does a specialist do?

  1. Analyzes the visibility of the resource by frequently asked queries and by common and low-frequency search requests.

  2. Examines the work of competitors. This step helps to develop a strategy.

  3. Carries out the analysis of sites-leaders in a specific field.

  4. Lists the key queries on which you want to focus.

  5. Conducts regular and systems review.

Due to such thorough and painstaking work, a specialist can determine whether global page conversions are needed, such as adaptation for mobile devices, complete replacement of the control system, etc. or it is possible to improve the rating of the resource by resorting to more sparing measures.

SEO optimization is carried out in several stages. First, select the keywords to which the search engines will respond. Then the site is audited. It is a very time-consuming procedure that requires knowledge and experience, so it is not worthwhile to trust its newcomers or questionable specialists. After optimization, the site is registering in search engines, various catalogs, and ratings. Then there is an active promotion of the project and the more people know about it, the more chances that the web resource will take the lead. Such advertising is carried out with the help of blogs, various forums, message boards, social networks, etc. It is also essential to organize competent internal linking while creating landing pages. It will help users and search robots get to all pages. Besides, the optimizer generates unique meta tags, headers. You may even have to fix the content, taking into account SEO requirements. For large projects (online stores, message boards, etc.), our experts also work with the crooking budget - they close the "garbage" pages created for the convenience of users for indexing.


We are engaged in the development of various sites, ranging from business card pages and ending with complex Internet portals. Also, our specialists offer comprehensive services for the promotion of projects. Many years of experience allow our specialists to develop unique software systems, thanks to which the Internet resource will necessarily take the leading positions and your business will prosper.


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