Social Media Marketing (SMM)

What does SMM mean?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) - promotion of personal or business pages in social networks, by publishing unique content in the form of media files and text components, as well as communication with the target audience and its increase.

Everyone has different motives, but what goals do you pursue in SMM?

Social networks are opening up new opportunities, from promoting a personal brand to increase sales in business. Besides, the costs of targeted actions will pleasantly surprise you. Here are a few purposes for which we use SMM promotion:

To increase in popularity
To increase sales of goods
To increase the number of consumers of your services
For communication with the target audience
For reputation Management
For invitation to an offline event
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Creating websites is a labor-intensive process that requires investment and time. However, many erroneously believe that once the resource has hit the internet space, work with it is over. It is entirely wrong since it is not enough to start the project, you need to make it even more popular! SMM promotion is one of the most effective ways to promote websites.

How to understand if SMM is needed?

Any advertising activity requires time, effort and money, so first and foremost, it's worth determining exactly which promotion method will be most relevant. To do this, you need to answer the question: "Where are the potential clients most often looking for the product or service that you offer?" If in social networks, then SMM is what you need!

It is worth noting that social networks can become real helpers in promoting the business and will help to solve the following tasks:

  • collect feedback on the offered products or services ;

  • Provide useful information for already actual and potential clients;

  • Irreplaceable assistants when looking for employees.

By developing the right strategy, you can quickly achieve a great result and find out about your services a lot of potential customers.

The form of presence in social networks

There are several ways to conduct advertising. If you do not hide your interest and openly offer to familiarize yourself with the product or service, then it is a commercial format. Typically, in such groups, there are catalogs with the product or a portfolio of works. Also, the participants are actively discussing, leaving their comments and asking questions of interest.

One way to attract new customers is through specialized forums where "friends for interests" gather. Very often people do not even suspect that this community belongs to the company.

There is also a mixed type. In this case, the company develops and publishes predominantly useful content and sometimes dilutes it commercially. Moreover, the more valuable and exciting the information is, the higher the chance of gaining trust and promoting a particular product or service. After all, clients will consider you as experts and unconditionally trust your opinion.

Main benefits of SMM:

  • affordable price;

  • A wide audience coverage, with a considerable part being potential customers;

  • Sales, number of subscribers, clients considerably increases;

  • A quick reaction generates consumer confidence.

It is essential to correctly portray the average user to a specific social network for SMM to be a useful promotion tool.

Steps of SMM Promotion

First of all, you need to investigate a portrait of the target audience. And only then it will be possible to promote the site. The unique content is the most effective way to feed it. At this stage, it analyzes the work of competitors and develops an own unique offer.

Then we directly develop the strategy. As a result, a ready-made work plan appears to help to increase the site's popularity on the Internet significantly. Sometimes the project requires additional incentives, namely, targeted advertising. This powerful promotion tool will attract interested users.

Immediate SMM promotion - social networking, creating groups, communities, participating in various forums, creating and filling a blog, etc.

Why should you choose us?

RexPex is a company that has been developing and promoting websites for many years. A friendly team of highly qualified specialists will gladly help you at any stage. We know how to build the most comfortable communication with any potential customer. As a result, informal trust relationships develop, which promotes the most effective promotion of services or products. Our specialists, as well, have accounts in many social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and others.

We offer:

  • development of the content plan;

  • creation of a unique design;

  • development of various actions, flash mobs, contests;

  • targeted advertising services.


You should also know, that this kind of promotion does not give an immediate result, but the effect is long-term. After all, this is a vivid example of when we first work on our reputation, and after a long time, it works for us.


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