Usability Audit Service

What does website usability audit mean?

Usability audit is the process of finding problematic places on a website while the user interacts with your website.

Why do users visit your website, but there are no sales?

A large number of visitors leave because of the broken logic of your website or the lack of follow-up actions. All this may be due to the system's overall performance or the malfunctioning of an item or its absence.

What you should pay attention to:

preservation of website structure
the absence of errors, problems with layout, broken links, etc.
website load time
website design in general
convenient website search
the absence of distracting elements in the conversion
working standard interface elements in the usual scenarios
availability of conversion elements in easily accessible places
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Denying the rapid development of business on the Internet is difficult. Today the World Wide Web allows not only to obtain the necessary information but also to carry out commercial operations for enrichment. However, for the web resource to be selling and making a profit, it is required to pay a lot of attention both to its promotion, appearance, and functionality. Usability audit allows you to identify the weak points of the site and make it perfect.

Why is this necessary?

Do you have your website? Did you pay enough attention to its optimization and promotion and the number of visitors is quite large, while they rarely make conversion actions? It may not be a matter of bad advertising, but the problem lies in the web resource itself. Of course, the inappropriate color of the button, or an unmarked footer, will not affect the activity of potential customers. But if they have to fill out a lot of forms, perform many useless actions, the resource will have an intricate structure. It is entirely possible that a visitor will leave such an uncomfortable site and hardly want to return to it.

Usability audit is a complex of events, thanks to which it turns out to reveal "problematic" places, which negatively affect the conversion of the web resource. This service is especially relevant for online stores. After all, useful websites are pleasant to visit, on them the client will come back again and again. Also, simple use significantly enhances the company's image. As practice shows, after the improvement of the resource sales volumes can increase by 2-3 times, while the cost of advertising will remain the same.

Action plan

Our specialists will gladly identify the problem areas and eliminate them. Usually, the following is affected by the project's conversion:

  • illogical or confusing navigation;

  • not clear payment method;

  • inconveniently placed content;

  • the need to fill a lot of unnecessary fields;

  • missing contact information

To find out what is the reason for low sales, specialists conduct some actions. At the first stage, you need to understand the client's business fully, understand its specifics and features. After that, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the targeted audience. Only this way, it will be possible to understand the reason for the low conversion, why potential customers do not perform actions on your resource.

Next, we test all possible paths of visitors through the portal, starting from the entry point and ending with the desired action. At this stage, we use visualization of the clients' transition paths, heat maps, sales funnel, etc. Also, the website loading duration is analyzed, because most customers are not ready to wait for a long time and if the site does not appear within 5 seconds, no more than 20% of visitors will wait longer. The resource should not contain broken links, have errors in layout, etc. But the availability of conversion elements in available locations will significantly increase sales. The design is also essential, of course, if the customer has set himself the goal of purchasing goods from you or using the service, he will most likely reach the end. However, most visitors who still choose between you and your competitors will give preference to the competitor if the design of your resource will irritate them on a subconscious level. It is also critical that there are no distractions in the conversion. At this stage, you have to examine the behavior of potential customers and identify possible barriers. Also, the features of competitors are analyzed, which will make it possible to emphasize the individuality of your resource skillfully.

Further, experts compose a detailed report, which lists all the weak points of the Internet portal and recommendations for improving the functionality, structure, and design. After the implementation of the plan, the level of sales will increase significantly. After all the visitor with pleasure will return to that resource with which it was comfortable for him to work.


Today, in the conditions of fierce competition, it is critical that not only the goods possess high quality, but also the corresponding service. Otherwise, the chances of taking a leading position among the sharks of business are minimal. A team of professionals will develop a web resource of any complexity, will also conduct usability audits of existing sites to increase their conversion ability. Besides, we have specialists in SEO and PPC-advertising. With their help, your website will be recognizable, and it will fall to the TOP of the most popular Internet resources. The work of a friendly team and professionalism will allow establishing any business on the World Wide Web.


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