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A business-card website is often a small web resource consisting of one or several pages containing brief information about the company and capable of accepting applications from potential customers 24 hours a day.

Landing Page is a web page that contains information about a product or service and is created to collect contact information for the target audience and increase this audience by switching to the website of potential customers from advertisements and social networks.

A corporate website is a company's website that contains a full amount of information about the company itself, the scope of its activities, offers products or services.

An online store is a web page that contains a catalog with information about the goods and the ability to purchase these products online, as well as functions in the form of a delivery choice, an online customer cabinet, the ability to hold shares and discounts and other optional modules.

An exclusive website based on your idea. Includes unique design, functionality, and can also include a set of all standard solutions.

Besides, we will provide:
Information about the performance of our work at any time after your request
Guarantee of quality and completion of ordered services in time
Adaptive layout
Optimized for search engines website
One year domain
One year hosting
Statistics of your website
Website performance and safety monitoring
Regular website backups
Automatic scan for viruses and critical errors
Rapid elimination of errors and failures
Website restoring in case of failure
Email services administration
Complete website operation guide
Content management system
Trade secrets and confidentiality of information observance
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Website creation is a time-consuming and relatively lengthy process that takes several steps, as the customer's idea becomes functioning website or an online store.

Technical Task (TT)
Technical Task (TT)

TT is the primary document from which all subsequent stages of development of the website are carried out. Typically, the customer should clearly describe the purpose of the website, its target audience and the wishes for functionality. Next, the executor has to explain using technical language, how the future site should work.


One of the most challenging stages, first of all, because most of us are accustomed evaluating the design separately from the site itself.


At this stage, the designer creates the design of the pages of the future website with the drawing of all graphics (banners, buttons, photos) and text elements in the professional graphics program. The designer creates the design of web pages taking into account the wishes of the customer and the task prescribed in the TT.

HTML coding
HTML coding

After the customer has approved the design layout (in writing or by e-mail), the layout maker begins the work - this is the person who translates the design layout into a language that is understandable to a computer using the HTML language.


If the site must have an administrator interface, created at the programming stage. As a result of the work of the coder and the programmer, the so-called "fish" of the site is obtained, i.e., a website without content. Physically, the website in this form is a set of files.


This stage can be implemented both before and after placing the website at its domain address. At this stage, all errors and shortcomings in programming and writing texts are revealed. The testing period depends on the complexity of the project, but, as a rule, does not exceed one month.

Delivery of the project
Delivery of the project

Contrary to popular belief, after the website is laid out, work with it does not end. If your goal is to turn your site into a marketing tool, then get ready for what you need: add new materials; promote the site; add new functionality. It's not easy, but trust our experience - all these efforts will be repaid a hundredfold.

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The life of modern man is difficult to imagine without the Internet because it provides unlimited possibilities. We can find out any information, communicate with friends and family on social networks, book tickets, order food, shop or sell something. Therefore, the development of sites is trendy in the modern world.

Why do I need a website?

You dreamed about your web page for a long time, but did not dare to take such a responsible step? Our company will help to realize all your desires, but first, you should imagine what exactly you want from your Internet resource.

A website can be just a business card of a company or a source of income. In the first case, a web resource can consist of several pages and carry general information about the company.

If you want to create a site for the sake of profit, you should approach it more responsibly. After all, it should be:

  • user-friendly;

  • available 24/7;

  • on key requests;

  • have a memorable design;

  • contain useful information.

Of course, such resource requires more laborious work and material investment. But, you should not only pay attention to the costs for the development of the site but also for its further maintenance and promotion.

Types of sites

There are several types of Internet resources. Let us tell more about each of them. Business-card site usually consists of 1-2 pages and carry brief information about the company. Here you can find contacts, opening hours, etc. The primary task of such a portal is to present the company on the Internet.

If the project consists of many pages describing services, stocks, goods, if there is also a possibility to request a callback and online consultation, then it is a corporate type of sites. Online catalog contains products, divided into categories. The ability to search and filter makes it as easy to use as possible. A more severe web service is an online store, it will not only get acquainted with the products but also allows your clients to make online payments. The most multifunctional resource is the Internet portal. It can include forums, mailings, surveys, and blogs. The creation of such a web resource can take months depending on the complexity of the project.

The main stages of website development

Creating web pages is a somewhat laborious process, which consists of several stages. First of all, you need to decide what exactly you want from your project. What tasks should the site perform? Developing the structure of subsections and categories is necessary. At this stage, you can also choose the domain name. Our experienced masters will help you to understand in detail all the nuances and give exhaustive answers to the questions of interest.

Then we start to develop the design. Particular attention customers pay to the logo of the company, but if it already exists, it became a basis. Otherwise, you should create it. Remember, that logo is the face of the brand, so professionals should work on it.

As soon as the layout is ready, taking into account all the changes and wishes of the client, the work goes to the coder. And if before the site was in the form of a picture, then after the intervention of these professionals it will turn into a working resource. It's quite a painstaking job, and it's worth considering that a well-designed site will work entirely in all browsers and on any devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

One of the most crucial steps for the client is the choice of a content management system (CMS). This software engine will significantly simplify the work with your website so that you can update the information without assistance. With the help of CMS, it will be easy to add or delete sections, change their places, add new information, etc.

After that, you can begin to fill the site. Content should be composed beforehand because most often there is the most extended hitch at this stage. The texts should be unique, and preferably SEO optimized as this will help in promoting the resource.

The final stage is testing and placement. At this stage we check:

the correct work of the site in all browsers;

how well all the software components work together;

availability of necessary materials

After a successful test, the resource is placing on the worldwide network. But the work does not end there because after this your website should be promoted and filled with new content. We will help to create the perfect site. Highly qualified specialists will cope with the task of any complexity quickly and efficiently.



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