Business-card website development

What is a business-card website?

A business-card website is often a small web resource consisting of one or several pages containing brief information about the company and capable of accepting applications from potential customers 24 hours a day.

How to show your company to your future customers?

If you are ready to introduce the company on the Internet and accept incoming applications from customers, the business-card website is the best where to start, especially since we are ready to provide this service for free. With the help of our business-card composer, you have the opportunity to create a web page of your company right now by clicking the "go to Composer" button.

We would like to bring your attention to the fact that the functions of the free version of the website are limited. To order a paid, individual development of a business-card website with a broader range of features and modules, please contact us using the form below.

You can also order an individual development of a business-card website with a wider range of functions and modules. Besides, we will provide:
Information about the performance of our work at any time after your request
Guarantee of quality and completion of ordered services in time
Adaptive layout
Optimized for search engines website
One year domain
One year hosting
Statistics of your website
Website performance and safety monitoring
Regular website backups
Automatic scan for viruses and critical errors
Rapid elimination of errors and failures
Website restoring in case of failure
Email services administration
Complete website operation guide
Content management system
Trade secrets and confidentiality of information observance
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Imagine that you need to tell customers about your company, after meeting in two minutes. Probably, you will only talk about important things, without using unnecessary words. But it will help you attract the attention of interested people who from several proposals will understand whether they need to cooperate with you, order your goods or services.

Now imagine that you can tell about your company to millions of interested listeners, many of whom will become your customers. How to do it? Using the Internet space, in particular, by creating a business card site. As you can see, it is a virtual business card that gives necessary information about your company, reveals the essence of services, helps to form a definite opinion about them. Such a site is created much faster and simpler than standard multi-pages, but with it, you can attract many customers and significantly increase your profits.

What is a business-card website?

Many people confuse business cards and single page sites (Landing Page). The latter are called upon to sell one particular service, collect data on visitors, to contact them in future for marketing purposes. Business cards have a different structure and use.

  1. Used to get acquainted with the company and its services, create a positive perception.

  2. Quite informative, do not contain superfluous information, differ attractive design.

  3. Simple navigation, accessibility for each visitor.

  4. The simplicity of site maintenance - you can add the necessary information yourself, update the data.

  5. Ideal for people who want to create a website without a significant investment.

  6. The best choice for individual entrepreneurs - consultants, doctors, lawyers, etc. Such people do not need complicated sites with particular functionality.

  7. Also, business cards are often used by companies that are just starting their business and want to bring business to the Internet space at no particular cost.

  8. Business cards do not contain aggressive calls to action, like landings. They should evoke positive emotions about the business, aim at promising interaction, increase the trust of clients.

It is beneficial that you do not need to make significant investments to create a website immediately, but after a while, if you want, you can modify the site-business card and turn it into a full-fledged resource with unique functionality.

What sections can be on the business card site?

With the help of such a resource, customers and potential customers can get information about the company, the specifics of cooperation, and add up their opinion about your activities. In fact, the info on the business card is not limited to any framework, but it's good for not overloaded web resources. So, what kind of necessary information should a client learn by using a business card?

  1. Information about your company, general information.

  2. The required information to customers: price lists, portfolio, photos, order forms, address, phone numbers, e-mail, company representatives' data.

  3. Description of goods or services of your company.

  4. Several other sections that may differ depending on the characteristics of the firm's activities.

A higher amount of information is not always necessary, besides it can confuse customers, not highlighting the most important.

Can I create a simple business card for free?

With the help of a business card site you can loudly declare yourself, but at the same time save a considerable amount of money that you would spend on an elaborate corporate resource. On our site, you can use free service of creating an online business card online. We cooperate with companies from Kiev and all over the world.

To create a site, you will need to enter your company details by filling in an online document. After that, you will receive a ready-made website-business card for one page with simple functionality. If you want to get a resource with more functionality, individual design, more pages, please contact our company manager to place an order. We offer services for creating business cards at an affordable price.

Inexpensive services for creating multi-page business cards for our clients

Our digital company RexPex has a long experience in the field of building websites. At your request, we will make a resource that will meet all the requirements, with a modern design and user-friendly interface. Each client visiting such a web page will be able to obtain the necessary information about the company. Also, with the help of a business card site, you will form a positive perception of your company.

Benefits of ordering a business card site in our digital company:

  • it does not take long to create;

  • it is much cheaper than corporate websites;

  • highlights all services, without being overloaded with information;

  • has an individual and unique design.


We work in Kiev and throughout the World.

Can I place a free business card website on my domain?

No. We do not provide any modifications that we didn't include in the free business card website composer, such as domain transfer, an addition of functionality, installation of third-party services, etc. as it is included in complex individual developing. If any questions, feel free to contact us for free consultation in any convenient way for you.

Can I add additional pages to the free version of the business card website?

No. Any changes that are not included in the composer of a free business card website, such as adding functionality, additional pages, installing third-party services, etc., is integrated individual development, so we do not provide single modifications. To order a personal development or to get a free consultation, contact us in any convenient way for you.

Can I add third-party communication services with a client to a free business card site?

No. Any changes that are not included in the composer of a free business card site, as well as the addition of third-party services such as CallbackHunter, JivoSite, Binotel, Facebook Messenger, etc., are complex individual development, so we do not provide single modifications. To order an individual website development or to get a free consultation, contact us in any convenient way for you.

How much does it cost to support a free version of a business card website?

The creation and support of the website made in the online composer are fully free.

Why choose us?

We are the web studio with many years of experience. Our employees are professionals in their field. They use an individual approach to each client to satisfy your wishes fully. Highly qualified specialists will render services in the specified terms and are always ready to help with practical advice. We work with projects of any complexity and provide a full range of services, from the development of the layout and ending with the promotion of the web resource. It is also possible to debug existing projects to improve their profitability.


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