Corporate website development

What is corporate website?

A corporate website is a company's website that contains a full amount of information about the company itself, the scope of its activities, offers products or services.

How to form the representation of your company?

First and foremost, the corporate website reflects the corporate style of your company, forming its image, so it must have a memorable design, thereby provoking the confidence of visitors. Besides, it performs the following:

  • attracts new customers;
  • searches for partners;
  • searches for new employees;
  • carries out advertising actions;
  • sends out news;
  • collects reviews;
  • provides instant communication with customers and partners.

When ordering the development of a corporate website, you can count on the compliance of the finished web resource with all your requirements and according to the modern trends in web development.

Besides, we will provide:
Information about the performance of our work at any time after your request
Guarantee of quality and completion of ordered services in time
Adaptive layout
Optimized for search engines website
One year domain
One year hosting
Statistics of your website
Website performance and safety monitoring
Regular website backups
Automatic scan for viruses and critical errors
Rapid elimination of errors and failures
Website restoring in case of failure
Email services administration
Complete website operation guide
Content management system
Trade secrets and confidentiality of information observance
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The owner of every successful company thinks about bringing the business to the Internet space. It makes possible to search for new customers and significantly increase sales. With the help of the Network, you can declare yourself and your company to the whole world. So is it worth it to postpone such an opportunity for later?

We will tell you why successful people in business pay much attention to the creation and promotion of corporate websites, what such online resources should be, and how to create a successful website, saving vast amounts of money.

Employees of our Ukrainian digital company RexPex have many years of experience in the field of creating and promoting websites. We are eager to make our experience working on every client who wants to improve their business, expand opportunities and increase profits. We propose to create a corporate site the way you see it! We will show you what is needed to bring the resource to the TOP and make it accessible to the target audience.

What is a corporate site and do you need it?

A successful businessman is a person who can quickly respond to changes in the external environment and adjust to it in such a way as to profit from it and profit from it. Such a person will never miss the opportunity to bring his business to a new level with the help of innovative techniques. Promoting your business on the Internet will enable you to keep up to date and receive orders from customers who choose new resources to search for information.

In our time, access to the Internet is on all gadgets. Phones, tablets, and laptops are always next to their owner, wherever he goes. We search relevant information with the help of devices among which there must be data about your company.

Anyone who is interested in the service will be able to get information about your company day or night if you create a corporate website. Experienced businesspeople know that such an investment will immediately give its results.

A corporate website is an excellent, most effective way to present your business, a company to your customers, partners and potential customers. It is one of the best modern tools that will help to emphasize your image and success in the eyes of customers.

What should be the corporate site?

It is essential to understand that the site should be beautiful, stylish and memorable design. But at the same time, it was not catchy, it had a simple control and was notable for its functionality. We can create such a resource by our employees, who in the team will work on:

  • a unique design made with the company's brand colors;

  • layout, which will correspond to the computer and mobile version of the site;

  • Well thought out structure and usability of the resource;

  • Seo-promotion, marketing part;

  • ease of management so that after the completion of the collaboration you can improve the site yourself, add articles, video files and photos.

Potential customers must use your website. It should like, attract attention and cause the desire to cooperate with your company.

  1. The web page should be not only beautiful but also convenient for every visitor. We will do everything possible to make it not just another standard page in Web, but stand out, attracting the attention of users.

  2. It is essential to understand the goals that visitors come to your site. We will design it in such a way as to attract the attention of a specific target audience, which can receive answers to all questions of interest to it and order / buy what you offer.

  3. The effectiveness of the created resource will associate with the permanence of its functioning. Whenever a client wishes to visit a site, it should work, providing all the necessary information about the company. Once you go to the resource and see the error message, the client will never add it to the bookmarks and go to the site of your competitors. Thanks to our services you will always be sure that the site will work regardless of the time of day, as we will provide timely technical support and high-quality hosting.

  4. The website is the visiting card of your business in the Internet space. To always attract the attention of new customers, you should regularly update the information on it, add fresh materials.

  5. Do not forget about advertising, promotion with SEO, E-mail marketing, SMM.

Go with the times


A corporate website is another opportunity to show yourself, attract new customers and significantly increase your profits. Contact RexPex to create a unique corporate website to promote your business on the Internet. We offer services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Why choose us?

We are the web studio with many years of experience. Our employees are professionals in their field. They use an individual approach to each client to satisfy your wishes fully. Highly qualified specialists will render services in the specified terms and are always ready to help with practical advice. We work with projects of any complexity and provide a full range of services, from the development of the layout and ending with the promotion of the web resource. It is also possible to debug existing projects to improve their profitability.

Do you promote websites?

Yes, in our company we have highly qualified SEO specialists, as well as specialists in PPC-advertising. They will help to withdraw any site in the TOP, thereby increasing its attendance. SEO optimizers conduct a thorough analysis of the visibility of the resource, the work of competitors and site-leaders in a particular area. Then it turns out to develop a clear strategy, make a list of keys. As a result after some time, the search engines will give your site not only for the most frequently asked search requests but on average frequency requests. If you need to react quickly, it is better to give priority to PPC-advertising. It starts working from the moment of launch.


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