Custom Website Development

What is a custom website development?

An exclusive website based on your idea. Includes unique design, functionality, and can also include a set of all standard solutions.

Who choose custom website development?

Do you have an idea of ​​creating a unique project that does not fit the template solution existing on the market? Our company is ready to allocate a team of highly qualified specialists in such areas as web design, web development, and digital marketing, led by a project manager to implement your idea.

Project manager
He/she is responsible for the implementation of your idea. PM is the connecting link between you and the team.
The person or a group responsible for the visual components of your project. An experienced designer allows you to reduce friction between a user and interface while using your website.
The team of copywriters
Professionals that are able to extract the meanings and to increase the conversion, with their help your website will become more attractive to search engines. After all, robots and people in different ways refer to the same text.
Professionals that are specialized in different development technologies. Due to their work, your idea will become a stable, full-featured web resource.
Besides, we will provide:
Information about the performance of our work at any time after your request
Guarantee of quality and completion of ordered services in time
Adaptive layout
Optimized for search engines website
One year domain
One year hosting
Statistics of your website
Website performance and safety monitoring
Regular website backups
Automatic scan for viruses and critical errors
Rapid elimination of errors and failures
Website restoring in case of failure
Email services administration
Complete website operation guide
Content management system
Trade secrets and confidentiality of information observance
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Today it is difficult to imagine our life without the Internet. The World Wide Web opens many opportunities. Here we can learn any information, communicate with friends and acquaintances, find a job, make a purchase or, on the contrary, sell something. Many even build a business on the Internet, which brings a lot of profit. We are engaged in the individual development of sites, thanks to the high level of professionalism and teamwork of the team. Our customers receive Internet resources selling in the shortest time.

Template or custom development?

There are several ways to create web pages: with the help of a designer, a template or an individual development. Consider the differences in these methods.

Everyone in his childhood had a Lego and what a pleasure, to create from its elements a single composition. Almost as with sites, however, such site composers have a significant drawback - limited capabilities. Therefore, this method is optimal for testing ideas. After the website is composed, launched with such system, you can evaluate how cost-effective the project is. Similarly, the templates offered to us by many CMS are excellent for test projects. Their main advantages are speed and small material investment. However, such website templates allow to solve only specific tasks, and for completing it is necessary to pay extra.

Whatever one may say, neither the site composer nor the template project will never turn into a grandiose web resource. Therefore, if you know what you want, you should give preference to individual development. In this case, we will create the site with taking into account all your wishes and requirements.

We create custom websites of varying complexity for a long time - Landing Page, online business card, online stores, etc. Our highly qualified specialists realize all your wishes in the shortest possible time. You will not need to look for designers, promotion specialists, web developers, and programmers, just contact us and get a working online resource at the agreed time.


We all understand that the corporate identity of the company is a sign of high status, which significantly enhances the confidence of customers. It is thanks to the individuality, clients remember and recognize us. Template portals are unremarkable, but the resource that has the zest will remain in users memory. Such a project is competitive and has every chance to win a close fight with rivals.

With the individual website development, you can control each stage and, if necessary, make adjustments. The whole process is carried out with a clear understanding of the goals. Also, in this case, it will be possible to provide for reasonable adjustments, for example, if you plan to expand the goods, etc.

The advantages include a convenient management system that will allow you to manage the resource without any programming knowledge. And thanks to SEO audit it will be possible to improve the efficiency of search engine optimization significantly.

Stages of creation

Individual development of sites consists of the following steps:

  • planning and drafting of the technical assignment;

  • creating a layout;

  • coding;

  • content filling;

  • testing;

  • debugging;

  • support;

  • finalization;

  • promotion.

Our specialists are ready to create a unique design for your website. Particular attention should be given to the logo, because it is, in fact, the company's business card, so if you don't have one, then its development should also be entrusted to professionals. After the layout is approved, the work goes to the front-end, and back-end developers who translate the image into the code and the site takes the required form. Also at this stage, the functionality is connected, and various types of interfaces are created, which will help the Internet page look the same and work on any devices, regardless of the extension. After that, we test web resource in different browsers the same way. There should not be any errors. Debugging performed in case of problems and incorrect work. Then the project is launched.

However, do not think that with the hosting of the site the work is done. It is also necessary to engage in its promotion. Our specialists will also help in this matter. We know not only how to create a selling site, but also how to make it accessible.


Creating web resources is a very responsible and painstaking work, in which every detail, plays a role. Therefore, you can only trust by professionals. Otherwise, spendings will not justify themselves.


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