Online Store Development

What is an online store?

An online store contains a catalog with information about the goods and the ability to purchase these products online, as well as functions in the form of a delivery choice, an online customer cabinet, the ability to hold shares and discounts and other optional modules.

Developing an online store with us, you will get:
multifunctional online store with a user-friendly interface
a fully optimized website for search engines
a convenient online payment system
a clear content management system (CMS)
a modern approach to design and web development
integration with third-party services
Besides, we will provide:
Information about the performance of our work at any time after your request
Guarantee of quality and completion of ordered services in time
Adaptive layout
Optimized for search engines website
One year domain
One year hosting
Statistics of your website
Website performance and safety monitoring
Regular website backups
Automatic scan for viruses and critical errors
Rapid elimination of errors and failures
Website restoring in case of failure
Email services administration
Complete website operation guide
Content management system
Trade secrets and confidentiality of information observance
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Trading always was a source of profit, and today it is not less popular among entrepreneurs. Moreover, modern technologies have made it possible to simplify the process as much as possible and to increase turnover through the use of web resources.

What should be an online store?

If you decide to connect your life with trade, you need to appreciate the importance of not only product quality but also a service. Therefore, the site should be:

  • the most convenient and useful for the user;

  • to give the impression of a reliable business tool, and this will only happen in case of a successful combination of design and technical functionality;

  • it is vital that any search engine efficiently searches such a resource, this is the key to good sales;

  • have a memorable design;

  • work in all modern browsers and on any devices.

Creating an ideal online store is not an easy task, so it's best to trust professionals. After all, the slightest defect can cause the uncomfortable use of the resource, which means that it will lose its popularity.

It is essential to follow the linear order of actions, as for most buyers, at the psychological level, a more consistent set of steps is preferable. Therefore, if the customer is roughly "pulled out" by offering to fill out the form, and then returned to the previous page, the impression might appear that something went wrong. Each action should lead to the next step.

It is necessary to abandon altogether the contextual words that can be misleading in the message. For example, on the cart page, the button with the word "continue" can mean two options - continue to make out an order or choose a product further.

All forms for filling should be as transparent as possible, and it is better to reduce their quantity to a minimum. If the client has filled in some field incorrectly, it is desirable that the error message is displayed immediately. It will significantly facilitate the work with the resource available search and filter. Therefore, they should pay particular attention. The client must see the visual confirmation of security (specially selected icons, form fields, etc.), only such a site inspires confidence, and therefore has every chance of existence.

Also, it should be born in mind that the service should be unobtrusive, the buyer has the right to choose whether it needs email and SMS messaging or not. Besides, be sure to pay attention not only to positive but also to negative feedback. They will help make the site as functional and convenient as possible.

Stages of creation

The development of online stores takes place in several steps. To begin with, you need to think through all details, how do you want to see your site, how will it work? After that, the designer develops a layout, where all essential points are reflected. Particular attention is giving to the logo. If you do not already have one, then a professional should also develop it.

Our experts will help to make the most convenient interface of the web resource.

Next, web developers turn a picture created by designers into a real working site. The length of this procedure largely depends on the complexity and functionality of the project.

Choosing the right content management system (CMS) is imperative. It is a guarantee of convenient maintenance of the site. With its help, you can easily and quickly swap places, add or delete a section, make new information and adjust the existing one. If it is a small project, you can do all these operations independently.

After that, the resource is filled with content. It is advisable to worry in advance about its uniqueness, as practice shows, it is at this stage that the longest hitching occurs. Further, the testing of the Internet store is carried out. Experts check its efficiency in various browsers and adaptability. If the client has no comments, the site is available on the worldwide network, and now it will be necessary to take care of its progress.

The main advantages of cooperation with us.

We develop sites of any complexity. By giving preference to us, you can count on:

  • quick and high-quality work;

  • working web resource;

  • the possibility of further refinement of the project;

  • creativity;

  • detailed consultation.


Creating an online store of your dreams with us is straightforward. Highly qualified specialists will undoubtedly help to develop a unique design, shape optimal functionality and engage in the promotion of a web resource. The cost and time spent on creating a website depending on its complexity.

What is a domain?

A domain is the address of a website on the Internet. It will be easy to find the right resource, even if the search engines do not see it when you know the domain. Usually, it consists of Latin characters. It is essential to choose the proper domain name because it depends on how difficult it is for the user to remember the address of the site. Therefore, it is desirable that it corresponds to the name of the company, and was as short as possible to decrease the chance of making mistakes during input.


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